Study in Asia

International Boarding Schools in Asia

In the past Asian parents have long looked to Western countries for excellence in education and tradition-rich boarding schools. However that trend no longer seems to apply with excellent schools operating around the Asian region with English-language teaching, Western-style education, excellent facilities, highly qualified teaching staff and the multicultural experiences children need to live and grow in a globalised world.

The ICEF Monitor has noted that new international schools are opening in the Asian region while at the same time other existing options are converting to an international curriculum. There has also been an eastward move of elite, name brand Western boarding schools. For example the Marlborough College, where Kate Middleton attended, opened a campus in Malaysia in 2012.

The International School Consultancy (ISC) provides data and intelligence on the English-medium international schools market and now lists more than 22 countries in the world with over 100 English-medium international schools. Furthermore more than 50 percent of them are located in Asia, and many have long waiting lists.

According to ISC, English-medium schools provide “an important educational route; one through which their child can gain a place at a western university, well prepared in language, qualifications, and a western-style of learning.”

For both Asian and expatriate parents, the current trend is a welcome move. For not only does it make sense cost-wise to send their children somewhere closer to “home”, they can also be assured there are more Asia-based options for their children to receive an English-medium education based on an internationally recognised curriculum.