Study in Australia

International Boarding Schools in Australia

Not only is Australia a beautiful place offering a first-class quality of life, it also boasts prestigious private schools that are respected all over the world. Independent schools are a significant, large and growing component of the Australian schooling system. They are globally accepted as the providers of a stellar education and are recognised for their innovative academic system. Including independent Catholic schools, 1,076 of the 10,000 schools in Australia lie in the independent sector.

Australian boarding schools are ideal for both local and international students, and provide an invaluable platform for students to achieve their full academic potential. The dedicated teachers provide exceptional support with their social, spiritual, emotional and psychological development. An Australian co-educational boarding school will not only prepare your child for the interactions of adult life, it will also develop their self-confidence, social understanding, and their mutual respect. To help you decide which part of Australia would best suit you, we have compiled the details and highlights of each region- read on and start exploring!