Study in Canada

International Boarding Schools in Canada

With scenic landscapes and a wide-spread positive attitude, Canada is truly a wonderful place to live. It is also a great place to study, with some of the most successful and refreshing private boarding institutions that the world has to offer. In Canada, boarding school has become a viable alternative in the private school sector. They offer a functional education system that is devoted to the intellectual and social development of their students, and that applies to those who originate from Canada as well as those from overseas. Both the students and the faculty thrive in these altruistic communities, coinciding in an environment that encourages independence and general decency.

Each province within the beautiful country of Canada is ruled by a local education authority, and it is important that this factor is considered in the selection of a Canadian boarding school. All of these schools provide extensive facilities that support athletic, artistic and academic learning, specially tailored to the subjects their students choose to focus on. To help decide which part of Canada would best suit you, we have compiled the details and highlights of each region- read on and start exploring!