Study in Europe

International Boarding Schools in Europe

International boarding schools in Europe have long been a popular choice among the world’s best and brightest. Sean Lennon and even Winston Churchill studied at prominent European institutions, with Elizabeth Taylor and Sir Roger Moore also choosing a continental education for their children.

Children today can enjoy a thorougly extensive education in the culturally rich and diverse nations of mainland Europe, while rubbing shoulders with sons and daughters of royalty and key business leaders. European boarding schools are renowned for their facilities and the quality of accommodation. Gone are the days of chilly dormitories and dusty common rooms.

“The students take on responsibilities at a young age and get a chance to become an adult in an environment where they are safe,” Penny Bysshe, director of school guidance consultancy, which helps to place international students in many top boarding schools told Forbes. “They learn how to become winners and leaders.”

From Switzerland, famed for its luxurious Alpine institutions, to France, home to the all-round education which the baccalaureate provides, the options and possibilities that a European boarding school provide are numerous. Today, countries like Sweden, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are also becoming top European destinations of choice offering world-class education opportunities.