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International Boarding Schools in the UK

If you think that the UK could be the ideal place to study, you are certainly not alone. According to the Independent Schools Council, of the 68,453 boarders currently studying in the UK, 21,928 are non-British nationals, meaning that the total proportion of international students in the UK’s boarding school system presently stands at 32 per cent. Of the total number of International students at all the UK’s boarding schools, the largest proportion originate from Hong Kong, but in recent years, there has been an influx of pupils from mainland China and Russia. Last year, the number of Chinese children attending boarding school in the UK stood at 4,381, almost double the figure recorded back in 2007. In the same period of time, the number of Russian students almost trebled, from 816 to 2,536; such a steep incline in the number of students from overseas reflects the reputability of a British education, but what is it, exactly, that makes UK Boarding Schools so desirable to scholars across the globe?

UK Boarding Schools have thrived since the days of the Great British Empire, when pioneering commanders and rulers would seek for their children an education rich with culture and integrity. With their influence on fiction, from Enid Blyton’s nostalgic tales, to J.K Rowling’s more recent interpretation in the Harry Potter series (and everything in between), it is not surprising that the Boarding School has become somewhat of an icon in the global perception of the United Kingdom. Their reputation as the benefactors of a top-class education has stood the test of time, since wealthy foreign families of the modern world remain not only willing, but determined, to send their children the world’s most respected schools.

In terms of popularity with overseas students, the UK is second only to the USA, and has achieved worldwide recognition for the outstanding quality of its education institutions. While it may seem small from afar, the UK’s four countries and various regions have unique and compelling identities. To help decide which part of the UK would best suit you, we have compiled the details and highlights of each region- read on and start exploring!