Study in the United States

International Boarding Schools in the U.S.A

The American school system is regarded internationally as the elite. It is home to the best academic institutions in the world, including private boarding schools; there are 30,861 private schools in the United States, and they serve 5.3 million K-12 students. Going to stop boarding school can do more than help students get into a good college- it can provide them with an impressive alumni network, a quality education and of course, life-long friends.

Independent schools are private, non-profit schools that are independent in philosophy: each is compelled by its own unique vision. Each is governed by an independent board of trustees and generally supported through tuition fees and charitable donations, meaning that they are also independent in the way they are managed and financed. They are accredited by state-approved accrediting bodies, and are entirely accountable for their own inclusive communities.

The quality of the tuition on offer at U.S boarding schools is truly like no other. The teachers are all experienced and have achieved an advanced degree in their chosen subject; this means that they are passionate about what they do, and their energy and enthusiasm is uplifting and infectious. They genuinely care about all of their students, and take real joy in passing on the knowledge of their subjects.

In the States, not only is the education on offer arguably the best in the world, but the boarding school facilities are state-of-the-art, allowing for broad and inspiring co-curricular programmes that encourage every student to unlock their full potential. To help decide which part of the United States would best suit you, we have compiled the details and highlights of each region- read on and start expoloring!