Mar 19th, 2015
lmost half of English universities plan to expand their student intake over the next five years, with some setting ambitious targets to increase recruitment by as much as 50%, a...Keep reading
Mar 14th, 2015
Taliban rule has violently prevented young girls from attending classes, and in 2002 there were fewer than 200,000 girls enrolled in schools. In 2013 that number had risen to 2.7...Keep reading
Mar 13th, 2015
Medicine Hat College is shutting down its scandal-ridden operations in China in response to an auditor general’s report, which found the school’s lax oversight of the program...Keep reading
Mar 12th, 2015
In the latest step to open exchange and travel between China and countries in the Americas, China and Canada have reached a reciprocal agreement to provide 10-year, multiple-entry...Keep reading
Mar 10th, 2015
When the global economy tanked back in 2008, it affected almost everyone around the world in one way or another. As jobs vanished, retirement savings were decimated, unemployment...Keep reading