4 apps to help international students learn English effectively
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4 apps to help international students learn English effectively

4 apps to help international students learn English effectively

Many international students are non-native English speakers, whereby English is not their first language.

Most universities require international students to be able to converse and write/read in English, which is why they need to take English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Although meeting the required pass mark for these tests can help them gain admission to universities abroad, it doesn’t mean they are fluent in English.

Speaking English fluently doesn’t come easy to non-native speakers, and for international students, not being able to converse well in English-speaking countries can lead to adjustment issues and culture shock.

They are usually required to take an English Language requirement class such as English as a Second Language (ESL) which can help them in their academic English, but there are other ways to master the English language.

If you find you’re struggling to pick up the language, there are apps you can download to improve your English in a fun and engaging way. Here are our top picks:


This app helps non-native speakers learn in a real-world context through music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks.

According to FluentU, “ 

There are also quizzes where you can test your vocabulary knowledge, adapted to your level of English so it’s a personalised learning experience.

You can learn other languages on the app too – it’s not just limited to English!


This language-learning app quickly became popular after its inception in 2010 due to its enjoyable approach to language learning.

The award-winning app uses memory aides like flashcards as well as rich, real-life language content, with a mix of science and technology that brings your mind to life.

Google Translate

This is a handy app every international student should download, no matter where they’re going.While the apps main highlight is typing in a word to translate it to another language, there are a number of other features that make translating on-the-go much easier.

For example, you can use your camera to take a picture of a word or a phrase and it will translate instantly for you.That could come in useful for signs, lecture slides, posters and so on, saving you plenty of time when you need something translated quickly.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App 

Speaking English well is a vital component of mastering the language. This is why there is a speaking section in most English proficiency tests. Many international students actually know more English than others think, but feel intimidated about speaking because they fear their pronunciation is wrong.

This app by MacMillan Education helps students pronounce English properly, as you can record and compare your own pronunciation as well as look up and listen to over 650 words.

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