Quiz: Which Asian city should you study in?

Asian city
Which Asian city would be best for you and your needs as a student? Source: Shutterstock

Asia has plenty of study abroad destinations that offer so much more than just an academic experience. These thriving cities are diverse, technologically advanced, rich in culture, and have plenty of job opportunities for those who look for them after graduation.

The universities in Asia are also top-notch, with a number consistently ranking high in world rankings year after year.

Interested to study abroad in Asia but not sure which city? Take this quiz and see which popular Asian city you would be best suited for – Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing or Seoul.

Are you looking for more affordable options for tuition fees and cost of living?


Would you prefer to study in a Muslim-friendly country?


Are you keen to study in the world's second-largest economy ?


Would you prefer a busy city or one that's more laid back?


Pick your ideal cuisine.


What kind of weather would you like during your time abroad?


Would you prefer studying in a city where most of the people speak English?


Would you like studying somewhere that's pedestrian and bicycle-friendly?


Are you interested in a city that's technology-driven or one that's more cultural?


During the holidays, what's your ideal getaway?


Quiz: Which Asian city should you study in?
Kuala Lumpur

Your ideal study abroad destination in Asia is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a Muslim-friendly, multicultural city, there is plenty to do and see as a student in KL. There are also some great universities here such as University of Malaya, which has climbed higher in world rankings every year, and University of Nottingham. The cost of living is low, as well as the cost of tuition when compared to other Asian cities. It's also a tropical country, meaning warm and humid weather all year round. If you love food, you will love KL as the cuisine is truly diverse.

The capital city of China is bustling and hectic, but it's an exciting place to be. With China boasting the world's second-largest economy, there are plenty of work opportunities after graduation, too. The cost of living isn't outrageous, and some of the world's best universities, such as Tsinghua University, are located here. It's a very bike-friendly city and is also safe for pedestrians. If you want to learn Mandarin, Beijing is ideal as you can easily practice with the friendly locals.

Seoul, South Korea is a wonderful place for students with its combination of cultural heritage and new technological innovations. Academics are very strong and competitive here, and there are a number of highly-ranked universities in Seoul. People are friendly and welcoming to foreigners, and it's a clean and safe city, though it can be pretty expensive. You also get to enjoy four seasons here, and enjoy a variety of different landscapes while studying overseas.
Hong Kong

Despite the rather unstable current political climate in Hong Kong, it's a great study abroad destination. The city is truly multicultural and many of the locals speak English, so you won't feel too lost if you're a native English speaker. It's one of the best student cities in the world, and the proximity to China means you can get internships or find work there as well. Academics are excellent and you will find many reputable universities in Hong Kong. Although there are four seasons, the weather is not too extreme - although it does rain quite a lot!

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