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Charles Sturt University is one of Australia’s leading public universities with a mission to develop and spread wisdom to make the world a better place. Charles Sturt University’s network of study locations in Australia extends to: Albury-Woodonga, Bathurst, Canberra, Orange, Parramatta, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga, a specialist centre in Manly and Charles Sturt University Study Centres in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Australia is a nation built on immigration and Charles Sturt University hosts a large international student community. The student body is diverse, with the school serving as a second home to students from more than 60 countries and international students have consistently chosen Charles Sturt University due to its reputation for high quality education. In 2017, the university landed its name within the ‘World Top 10’ by Universitas 21.

Spread across three of Australia’s most exciting cities, the Study Centres epitomise everything that’s great about Charles Sturt University. They offer high quality accounting programmes that have been accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and CPA Australia, meaning students qualify for membership upon successful completion.

Source: Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University Study Centres are set on preparing students with the necessary skills and talents needed to thrive in the outside world. Whether facing the increasing pace of globalisation, increased financial accountabilities or studying international economic integration, Charles Sturt University Study Centres provide students with hands-on, practical courses to handle such topics in the workplace.

The Master of Professional Accounting programme has been designed for students looking to expand on their existing undergraduate degree from a recognised Australian or overseas university. Prospective students must display a true desire to succeed in the field and can expect a first-class, hands-on academic experience at Charles Sturt University.

As Charles Sturt University Study Centre graduate and current employee of UNICEF explains about her Charles Sturt University experience, “The teachers and the lecturers at Charles Sturt University were very helpful – it was not all about studies, they also helped me adjust to life in Australia.

Source: Charles Sturt University

“The courses here are not all about theory, they emphasise the practical side of accounting, which did help me when entering the workforce. Charles Sturt University really encourages people to do well, not only in their studies but also in the workforce.”

For the duration of the course, students undertake and critically analyse the conceptual basis of accounting, applying the principles of the subject to modern problems and scenarios. Students recognise and review the impact of the business environment on accounting theory and its application, applying the principles and analytical techniques from economics, commercial law and business communications.

Graduates of the programme qualify with a Master of Professional Accounting qualification, and depending on their entry route, are awarded either the Graduate Diploma of Accounting or Graduate Diploma in Commerce to accompany their Master certification.

Source: Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University degrees are designed in collaboration with academic and industry professionals to ensure students are prepared to embark into their chosen careers. In recent years graduates have experienced a high employment rate of 84 percent – 18 percent higher than the national average – according to the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching website (QILT). Not only this, but Charles Sturt University graduates are also higher earners, with an average starting salary of AUD$65,100 compared to the national average of AUD$52,800.

Career development is an important aspect of all student lives at Charles Sturt University, a fact that’s evident through its graduate employability statistics. ‘Work Ready’ workshops are run onsite at the Charles Sturt University Study Centres. These sessions offer helpful advice and skills training from resumé writing, step-by-step preparation for job interviews, latest industry developments and employer presentations.

Teachers in the Accounting Department are committed to helping students find employment once their studies have been completed. Graduates of the Master of Professional Accounting leave with an impressive range of opportunities before them across a number of industries, including commerce, finance, government and semi-government sectors.

Source: Charles Sturt University

Helping to bridge the gap between your university course and career, Charles Sturt University Study Centres also offer a 12-week internship programme after graduation, facilitated by Study Group. This is in place to equip graduates with the essential tools needed to launch their career and pursue their dream job. Participants gain invaluable first-hand professional experience, all while forging their own networking skills and meeting their first industry contacts.

Whether students choose to study in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, all three of the Charles Sturt University Study Centre locations offer great weather, stunning scenery and vibrant cultures to explore. From modern cities to beautiful beaches and the outback, choosing to study in Australia offers endless opportunities for adventure and a world class education.

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