Top 1% globally for International Baccalaureate results. Winner of 2021 International School of the Year by the ISC Research (and two other awards). 100% IB Diploma Programme pass rate. 93% of students received offers from top universities (as ranked by QS and US News). These features make Branksome Hall Asia one of the most distinguished international schools globally.

Located in Jeju Island, South Korea, Branksome Hall Asia is an international boarding school for girls. Since its establishment in 2012, it has recorded years of excellence with numerous accolades and countless success stories. It shows zero signs of stopping.

After careful planning, discussions with educational consultants and experts, and collaboration with the Board of Governors at Branksome Hall in Canada, the school is launching the Highland Boys Middle School, a “school within a school” that provides a single-sex learning environment for boys in grades six and seven. Set to launch in August 2023, the Highland Boys Middle School will offer the same calibre of academic excellence currently offered to the middle school girls.

Branksome Hall Asia

Source: Branksome Hall Asia

“The matter regarding co-education has been discussed since Branksome Hall Asia’s establishment. Through the careful roll-out stage, we put much effort to respect the students and parents who wished to retain the strengths of a girls’ school,” shares Deputy Principal, Strategic Development John Gasparini.

“Although Junior School is already co-education and Senior School will be mixed classes in the future, we are planning a diamond model that separates boys’ and girls’ schools for our middle school — which is a period when academic and social growth is important.”

As with all Branksome Hall Asia programmes and initiatives, it is designed with thought, care and data. “The main reason for separating the middle school into girls’ and boys’ schools is to prevent gender stereotypes, such as ‘Women should study Biology, Art and Language while men should only study Physics and Chemistry’,” says Gasparini. In other words, an education at Branksome Hall Asia is limitless. Girls and boys are encouraged to pursue their passion in any field they desire, from STEM to arts and beyond.

Branksome Hall Asia

Source: Branksome Hall Asia

“That’s why we separated boys and girls in middle school so that students could find their real interests and develop their leadership skills,” shared Gasparini.

Pair a well-rounded education with a rigorous IB programme, and you’ll get Branksome Hall Asia’s MYP — one of the world’s finest programme for middle school learners. MYP encompasses the school’s motto — “High Expectations, High Support” — where students are encouraged to find their true passion and potential and develop a strong sense of self-awareness.

“We offer a wide range of subjects, ways of learning, and activities that are concept-based and push for interdisciplinary learning. As it’s different from traditional learning, it looks challenging but we hold high expectations of our students,” shares Deputy Principal Michael Schreider.

Branksome Hall Asia

Source: Branksome Hall Asia

However, it is not only the high expectations that deliver the outcome. It is the school’s insurmountable support to its students. “The driver is the support that we provide our students which carries them through the process. This way, they build confidence and a feeling of success as a learner which is a great driver for our students,” notes Schreider.

The offerings continue. As part of the MYP, Middle School learners engage in the school’s signature Interdisciplinary Unit in every grade, which covers various themes including smart agriculture, climate change, wind turbine, microplastic countermeasures, brain exercise activation, a robotics development and refugee support, among others. Through this, students gain skills and consolidate their knowledge in various fields and subjects taught in class.

Branksome Hall Asia has established itself as an exceptional place of learning for girls. With its upcoming boys’ middle school and a new state-of-the-art Lower Junior School pod on the campus in 2023, Branksome Hall Asia is set to become one of the leading international schools globally, both in terms of quality of educational programme and facilities. Discover more about Branksome Hall Asia here.

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