Chinese ‘graduate’ filmed begging for cash, promising to repay donors
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Chinese ‘graduate’ filmed begging for cash, promising to repay donors

Chinese ‘graduate’ filmed begging for cash, promising to repay donors

A Chinese man who claims to be a recent university graduate has been making rounds on Chinese social media after he was filmed begging for money.

The man, who is in his 20s, was seen sitting on a pedestrian bridge in Fuzhou, Fujian province asking for cash from passers-by with a promise that he will pay them back when he becomes successful, South China Morning Post reported.

At his begging spot, the man carried a sign which said: “It’s better to invest your money in me than a beggar.”

Claiming to receive donations of only CNY5 (US$0.75) from each donor, the man prepared a logbook to record the names and contact details of those who gave him money so that he would be able to get back to them if he is successful in the future.

“I am seeking help because I have recently experienced some hardships,” he said. “I hope that people will be able to invest in me, so I won’t have to stay like this forever,” he said in the video which was shared on China’s Pear Video site.

“When I finish reading these motivational books beside me, I will have even more inspiration to succeed.”

The man claimed he had graduated with a bachelor’s degree last year and had been begging since Oct 1.

Despite already receiving some donations, the man said he was unsure how he would repay donors in the future.

A resident who was interviewed in the video said she found it difficult to tell if someone asking for money was genuine.

“If he’s only asking for 5 yuan, then why not get a real job?” she said.

Another citizen said the man could not be tricking people because he was asking for a small amount of money.

“If someone’s in genuine hardship, then giving them a few yuan is a small matter.”

This year, China has recorded a record-breaking eight million university leavers, leaving graduate unemployment a rising concern in the country.

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