While many unknowns still surround the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is for certain — the current situation will impact the teaching, learning and delivery of health science programmes moving forward. The gaps in our global health systems are now plain to see. The upside? Further research and technological advances, combined with the right knowledge, skills and experience will enable us to overcome these hurdles. To gain the know-how and ingenuity to innovate a healthier world — Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)’s health science programmes measure up.

Vidit Kulshrestha, 23, is pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science at EIT. Previously, he interned at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India. He has also volunteered at the World Health Organisation (WHO) in India.

Eastern Institute of Technology

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

His motto in life is “en route to greatness,” and EIT fits the bill of an institution that will get him there. “The reason for choosing this programme at EIT was the flexibility, the quality of the curriculum and some inspiring stories of previous students from the same programme. I was always motivated by a few work profiles of the professors from the department,” he says.

Now enrolled in the programme, he is confident and ready for what the workforce has in store for him thanks to the industry knowledge EIT’s comprehensive programme has been providing him with. “Opportunities like guest lectures and networking for our future careers is what I like the most about EIT because it prepares us for what the New Zealand industry has for us once we finish with our programme. Last week, we had a workshop outside of the institute campus and also got the opportunity to meet and get to know people outside of the EIT sphere,” Kulshrestha shares.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science programme offers two pathways, one for nurses and the other for health scientists. An opportunity to develop advanced practice knowledge and critical analysis skills, the diploma offers a selection of courses specifically designed to meet the needs of health practitioners, health sector managers and other professionals whose practice has a main focus on health.

Eastern Institute of Technology

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

Upon completion of this Postgraduate Diploma programme, the journey isn’t over for some students. While some are ready to take the workforce by storm, some feel the need for deeper learning. These students can progress into EIT’s Master of Health Science programme. The 180-credit programme (one and a half years full-time) offers interdisciplinary and inter-professional courses, designed around knowledge and research relating to key threads of health disparities and the global health needs of populations. They investigate the worldwide improvement of health, reduction of health disparities and protection against global threats from an international context.

What both health science programmes have in common is flexibility. A blended learning approach — online lessons that are supported by two and three-day face-to-face block courses on campus — makes this possible.

Much like Kulshrestha, Sadaf Karbelkar looks forward to advancing her career in New Zealand once she graduates next year. Through the Master of Health Science programme, she has developed a “holistic understanding of the New Zealand healthcare system” and credits her gains to the learning environment nurtured by EIT.

“EIT lecturers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in their subject areas which has been invaluable. The constant support from the lecturers has kept me motivated to ask questions and learn more as I progressed through the programme,” she shares. Her time at EIT has developed her professionally and personally, she adds.

Eastern Institute of Technology

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

Fellow Master of Health Science student Antonio Espino agrees. “The versatility offered by the programme helps you to become a well-rounded person. It creates avenues for expanding the knowledge and skills relevant to the discipline that interests you most,” he says.

Espino believes that healthcare should be for everyone. Alongside his like-minded peers and with the help of EIT, he plans to use his knowledge to promote and facilitate equitable service delivery. Aspirations like his create a better tomorrow and if you wish to achieve the same with an education in the health sciences, click here to begin your journey at EIT today.

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