Quiz: Which journalism programme should you take?
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Quiz: Which journalism programme should you take?

Quiz: Which journalism programme should you take?

Journalism in today’s era is insightful, dynamic and instant.

With little more than the flash of a screen and the simple touch of a button, global news stories have the power to take the world and the internet by storm.

Due to the rise of new technologies, there’s been a dramatic increase in journalistic styles. From citizen to comics journalism, there’s now a diverse range of forms to suit individual preference.

So, which journalism study programme suits you best?

Do you enjoy crunching numbers and analysing data?

data-1-  Source: Rawpixel/ Unsplash

Are you constantly keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip?

data-1-  celebrity  Source: Keenan Constance/Unsplash

Do you prefer image-based journalism?

data-1-  celebrity  comis  Source: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash

Do you find life more interesting when viewed through a lens?

data-1-  celebrity  comis  camea-lense  Source: Paul Skorupskas/Unsplash

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