Are you Harry, Ron or Hermione based on your study habits?

Would you rather be battling trolls instead of writing another essay for History of Magic class? Source: Shutterstock

Are you an Outstanding or Exceeds Expectations kinda student, or more like one who gets Dreadfuls or Trolls in exams? Take our quiz to find out:

1. How often do you go to the library?


2. When do you start reading your course books?


3. How well do you perform in practical exams in front of examiners?


4. How do you feel about homework?


5. Do you ask for help when you're unsure or confused?


6. How disciplined are you when it comes to studying?


Are you Harry, Ron or Hermione based on your study habits?
Harry Potter

You don't give yourself enough credit, which is understandable considering the amount of trouble interrupting your studies and exams. But you still pull through and with above-average results at that!
Ron Weasley

Homework and exams aren't your cup of tea at all. And when compared to geniuses like Hermione, you usually look mediocre at best. But thanks to your practical experience elsewhere (ahem, fighting Dark Lords to save the world), you usually scrape through and do fairly well (plus minus a couple of less than stellar performance in subjects you just can't deal with)!
Hermione Granger

You're the Queen of academia. Ninety-nine percent of the Muggle and wizarding population bow down to your precise homework planning, rigorous poring over course books and dedication to practising all you need to know. It's no wonder you ace your tests all the time!

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