How international students in Hong Kong can keep living costs low
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How international students in Hong Kong can keep living costs low

How international students in Hong Kong can keep living costs low

With films like “Crazy, Rich Asians” you would think that living in Hong Kong will be an exorbitant affair. The truth, however, is while that’s true, there are ways to beat the system.

Hong Kong is home to several of the top world-renowned universities — take a look at the rankings here. Tuitions fees here range from US$11,500 to US$34,000 a year, though bear in mind that there are added extra costs

Aside from being the main gateway to China, it’s home to the rich backdrops you see in Wong Kar Wai films and TVB dramas, delicious polo buns and world-class hike trails. There are many more to discover during your study breaks — your #StudyHK is set to be an adventure of a lifetime.

hong kong living costs

Kitchen staff prepare food at their “dai pai dong” street food stall in Hong Kong on January 9, 2019. Source: Anthony Wallace/AFP

Cost-wise, we won’t lie. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. You’d need to seek out scholarships and bursaries, of which there are many. Luckily, living costs can be cheap, if you know where to look. With a knack for organising, and sacrificing bubble teas, you can most make the most out of your Hong Kong experience with the following tips:

Live on campus

University accommodation usually costs less than an off-campus apartment. They’re usually cleaner (if your housemates aren’t from hell), have more amenities and are closer to classes and social events.

Take public transport

Don’t be afraid to brush shoulders with other human beings. The Hong Kong system is one of the most efficient in the world, and some cities have taken to copying it. You are able to travel in Hong Kong from end to another for less than what you’d pay for a cup of coffee. It’s also completely safe to do so.

hong kong living costs

Commuters take the Disneyland MTR (Mass Transit Railway) train link to Hong Kong’s Disneyland station on June 17, 2020. Source: Anthony Wallace/AFP

Eat like a local

Service is basic but the food hits the spot. You can’t beat the very affordable prices — here are some tasty examples. Eating at campus canteens will also help you save some money so you can purchase that overpriced bubble tea you really don’t need.

Max out your student discounts

Take advantage of the student discounts offered by museums, cinemas, transport companies, restaurants and even some retail outlets. Don’t be shy to show your status off, all you need to do is present your student ID.

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