IB Middle Years Programme students receive eAssessment results

More than 7,500 International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) students around the world have received their results following the first MYP eAssessment examination session in May. This session was also the first time that all MYP schools took part in IB-validated moderation of the MYP Personal Project – the result of which was an impressive range of student projects.

Taking the initiative to lead innovation in the education sector, the IB launched the new model for assessing student achievement via the MYP. This year’s cohort will be the first students around the world who will have undertaken on-screen examinations.


Paula Wilcock, IB’s Chief Assessment Officer, said: “We are delighted at the level of engagement demonstrated by MYP students in our first live exam session and wish to congratulate them for their hard work and achievement.”

The MYP is available for students aged 11- 16 years and comprises of eight subject groups that span several disciplines to deliver both a depth and breadth of learning. The new eAssessment is undertaken by 16 year olds upon completion of the MYP and is designed to assess students beyond the rote memorisation of content. Just 25 percent of the assessment is based explicitly on knowledge and understanding; the rest focuses on inquiry, communication and critical thinking skills.

A parent of a participating MYP student in Munich, Germany, said: “ePortfolios and on-screen exams offer a broader perspective of the real skill set of students at this age. It is not just a snapshot of what they remember to regurgitate on an exam paper on that day.”


The eAssessment, which is regulated by Ofqual in recognition of the quality and delivery standards the IB has met as an organisation, offers students the opportunity to work with different media including photos, graphs, videos and animations.

Gareth Hegarty, Head of MYP Assessment, is extremely pleased with the way schools and students have responded to the demands and opportunities offered by eAssessment: “All MYP schools can now benefit from the assessment of the personal project and the wide range of innovative teaching material generated for this and future sessions. Those schools who choose to take part in eAssessment will also mark their students’ achievement with a recognised and valued qualification. The MYP is truly leading the way globally as a progressive programme in the digital age.”

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