Why are so many students choosing to study at Australia’s UNE School of Law

image courtesy of the University of New England

It’s a distinctive Australian experience

If you’re lucky enough to study in Armidale at the UNE School of Law, you will be the proud recipient of a well-respected education and experience a distinctively Australian way of life.  To put this into context, UNE’s campus hosts a large number of koalas and kangaroos, immersing students in the national wildlife from the comfort of their campus home.

Image courtesy of the University of New England

The University’s home city of Armidale, situated half way between Sydney and Brisbane, boasts amazing cafes and restaurants, offering everything from delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine to cafés that bake their own bread, pastries and pizzas in a hand-crafted wood fired pizza oven.

Image courtesy of the University of New England

Just outside of Armidale are a selection of vineyards and world-renowned national parks, lined with sparking waterfalls and towering emerald canopies that are guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

Focus on technology

Just outside of Armidale are a selection of vineyards and world-renowned national parks, lined with sparking waterfalls and towering emerald canopies that are guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

Image courtesy of the University of New England

Focus on technology

The use of emerging technologies has never been more important to the careers of the legal profession. In fact Claire Chaffey, Head of Communications and Managing Editor for the Law Society of NSW Law Journal, and one of UNE School’s talented alumna, recently wrote an article about how it is becoming increasingly important for practising lawyers to hold a good working knowledge of contemporary technology.

For this very reason, the UNE School of Law, which is the most experienced online legal education provider in Australia, stands at the forefront of use in the latest cutting-edge technology!


UNE’s School of Law offers a selection of Bachelor and Masters Degrees to suit people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds; from school leavers, to law graduates who have completed a civil law degree, or even practicing lawyers who wish to their profession in Australia.

The trimester system allows you to study for only part of the year or throughout the year, either on-campus, online or via a combination of the two.  

On-campus students often choose to live at one of the eight residential colleges. If you choose this option, you’ll forge life-long friends and contacts with both your fellow students and the staff who are affiliated with your preferred college.

Plus, if you decide to study online, you can pursue your degree from anywhere in the world.

Accessible and friendly lecturers

Image courtesy of The University of New England

The UNE School of Law boasts accessible and friendly staff who take time to really get to know you.  Here, staff are also experienced researchers. Academics research a wide variety of areas, including international and human rights law. The Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law, which forms part of the School, investigates issues as diverse as farming insects for human consumption, sustainability issues, managing invasive species and legal issues relating to coal seam gas exploration.

Interesting and diverse student body

Image courtesy of The University of New England

Unlike most other schools of its kind, UNE School of Law teaches a diverse group of students, including those who have just graduated from high school, right up to those who’ve already embarked on successful careers in other fields.

Many of UNE’s students are passionate about creating positive social change and generally making a difference to the world we see today.

Students think the UNE School of Law is great

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Students gain excellent career prospects

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UNE School of Law students go on to forge exciting, interesting and dynamic professional careers. In fact, the Good Universities Guide shows that UNE School of Law graduates are one of the highest-paid groups of all law schools throughout the Australia region.

If you already hold a law degree from a civil law-based jurisdiction, adding a common law-based degree from UNE School of Law will leave you highly employable no matter where you are in the world!

The Alumni Are Amazing!

The School of Law’s alumni work in a wide range of fields. Many are managers or partners in private legal practice. Others choose to pursue careers as parliamentary advisers, journalists, policy advisors, business owners, police prosecutors or even academics!

One particularly impressive alumni, Dr. Jacqueline Parry, is currently working as a conflict analyst with the International Organisation for Migration in Iraq. She has a passion for this kind of work as refugees often find themselves in situations they didn’t ask for and didn’t expect, prioritizing the need to protect their families above anything else.   She therefore reasons, “I imagine myself in their situation, and how I would feel and react,” she says, bearing in mind that, “had my situation been different, I may well be seeking safety elsewhere, too.’

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