Quiz: How well do you know Australia’s international student community?
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Quiz: How well do you know Australia’s international student community?

Quiz: How well do you know Australia’s international student community?

Australia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world.

International students, especially those from Asia, seek a degree from its well-ranked and respected universities and tertiary institutions. They bring numerous social and economic benefits, as well as being an increasingly important source of funds for these universities.

Using data by the Australian government, we’ve put together a fun little quiz to test your knowledge about this diverse bunch of people and to help us all gain some perspective:

1. Which country sends the greatest number of citizens to Australia to pursue higher education?

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2. In 2018, how many international students were enrolled in Australian universities and schools?

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3. Which are the top five countries of origin for international students in Australia?

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4. How much did international education contribute to the Australian economy in 2018?

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5. How many jobs does international education support annually?

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6. There are more international students enrolled in vocational education and training, than higher education. True or false?

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7. Which is the most international university in Australia, as ranked by Times Higher Education? ("Most international" was assessed by looking at proportion of international students and staff, research collaboration with scholars from across the world and global reputation)

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8. What is the most popular course among international students in Australia?

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9. Tuition fees for international students in Australia are, on average, higher at the undergraduate level than Master's level. True or false?

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10. Which of the following had the highest proportion of international students in 2017?

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Quiz: How well do you know Australia's international student community?
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Sharp Whiz
Knowing more than half of these facts and figures only reflects one thing: A very sharp mind and admirable observation skills!
International Education Expert
Congratulations! Knowing these facts so deeply means you're super observant of your community and will make nothing else but an expert.

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