Quiz: How well do you know the US international student community?

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Stereotypes and misconceptions international students in the US are aplenty.

They’re seen as taking important training away from locals, everyone thinks they are rich and aren’t a big chunk of them only there to spy on the US for their government back home? (Spoiler: These are all untrue).

Using data from the Institute of International Education, we’ve put together a fun little quiz to test your knowledge and help us all gain some perspective:

1. Which country sends the greatest number of citizens to the US to pursue higher education?

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2. In 2016/17, what percentage of international students were enrolled across US colleges and universities?

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3. Which university hosted the most international students in 2017?

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4. What were the most popular fields of study among international students in the US in 2016/17?

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5. Did the number of international students enrolling in Intensive English courses increase or decrease in 2016/17?

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6. What was the most popular field of study among Saudi Arabians studying at US colleges and universities?

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7. How many international doctoral candidates were at US universities in 2016/17?

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8. What proportion of international graduates in 2016/17 were being sponsored by foreign governments or universities?

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9. International students from China and India made up 50 percent of the total international student population in US colleges and universities in 2016/17. True or false?

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10. Which Latin American country sent the most students to US colleges and universities in 2016/17?

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Quiz: How well do you know the US international student community?
International Education Expert
Congratulations! You're highly observant and your knowledge of the international student community runs deep.
A Very Sharp Observer
Knowing more than half of these facts and figures only reflects one thing: a very sharp mind and admirable observation skills!
Average Joe
You've answered less than half correct, but don't be disheartened. These facts and figures can be daunting, but keep up with Study International News to stay updated with the latest international education updates and you'll be an expert soon!
Lies, lies and damn statistics! You've scored less than one-fifth of the questions right. It's time to keep up with Study International News' daily coverage and get in touch with your university's international student community to get to know them better!

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