Quiz: What kind of learner are you?
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Quiz: What kind of learner are you?

Quiz: What kind of learner are you?

Have you noticed that some of your peers seem to learn differently than you do? Some might need to listen to music while studying, while others furiously take notes in class. The truth is, there are many different learning styles, and each of us perceive and absorb information differently.

Knowing what kind of learner you are can help you greatly in college, as you can tailor your revision techniques to suit your style. Take this quiz and find out how you learn best!


Do you prefer listening to a lecture or reading from a textbook?

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Do you enjoy making and looking at charts, diagrams, graphs, videos, and other visual aids when studying?

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Do you need to take frequent breaks when studying, or find yourself feeling restless during a lecture?

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Do you find yourself asking your professor a lot of questions, or doing alot of research about a particular subject matter in order to understand it?

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Do you find it easy to remember song lyrics after you've heard them?

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