Quiz: Where should I study on campus?

From the library to the campus park, choosing where to study can be tricky. Source: Shutterstock

Moving from school to university brings lots of changes, one of them being the choice of where to study when not in lecture. With more independent study and no teachers forcing you to stay in the classroom, it can be hard to find your perfect study environment.

Most students stick to the library as this is where the majority of study materials and other students are. While the library can be useful for an academic atmosphere, other students may work better hidden away in their rooms.

If the idea of isolating yourself fills you with dread, perhaps working in the university cafe would suit you better, or embracing the great outdoors could be key to your academic success.

Every student is different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to which is the best study environment. Take our quiz to find out which location could be right for you.

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