Student Stories: What’s it like to study in Texas, US?

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Aakansha Reddy is a food blogger and international student at North Texas. Source: Aakansha Reddy

When 22-year-old Aaakansha Reddy Tallapally from India went abroad to study, she found herself in Texas, inspired by its lush natural surroundings and the friendliness of its people. The Master in Data Science student at the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas (UNT) has a keen interest in data, but she’s also a major foodie, recipe maker, and talented cook.

Her YouTube and Instagram channels regularly showcasing her creations and love for traditional Indian delicacies like “kalakand,” (a sweetened milk and paneer-based sweet) and “mirchi” (fried, battered green chilies). She shares with Study International about her experience studying in Texas and how she continues her passion for cooking and developing recipes.


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She shares with Study International about her experience studying in Texas and how she continues her passion for cooking and developing recipes.

Why did you choose to study abroad?

I was admitted for Spring 2020 in UNT. I want to become a data analyst and I am also very passionate about cooking. I make homemade food, I love to make new recipes and I also love to explore new places, new cultures, and new cuisines — one of the reasons for choosing to study abroad.

After completing my undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering in 2019, many of my friends pursued different jobs and I also went for some interviews, but it didn’t feel right. I felt that there is a lot more for me to learn and explore new things.  Due to my high interest in data analysis and machine learning I’ve decided to pursue my master’s in data science.

What made you decide upon UNT?

When I decided to pursue my master’s, I  researched a lot on where to study, and which country would be the best for my master’s programme. After taking suggestions from many people, I’ve finally decided to pursue my MS in the US.

student Texas

Aakansha regularly posts recipes on her Instagram and YouTube channels to inspire others to cook food from her homeland. Source: Aakansha Reddy

What do you love most about studying at UNT?

The one thing I like most about studying here is you can gain so much knowledge, have the best research opportunities, and gain a deep understanding of your field of interest both theoretically and practically. Also, I love the weather in Texas as it isn’t too cold during winter or too hot during summer. I enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets here and I must say nature is too beautiful here.

What are some of your best memories so far as a student in Texas?

I came to Texas last December as Spring 2020 student. The first semester was so good, I’ve made many memories on campus. I’ve enjoyed interacting with professors who were super friendly. One day my professor acknowledged my interest in cooking and food photography skills in front of the whole class. It was the best moment for me until now!

Some good moments with friends include focusing on our fitness at the recreation centre. I also used to work on campus at the university buffet hall where I have a lot of memories with chefs and managers in making different types of foods.  As I’m a recipe maker and YouTuber, I love to learn new recipes and love to make food and serve it.

student texas

Aakansha loves that the weather in Texas isn’t too extreme. Source: Aakansha Reddy

What are your top recommendations or advice to others planning to study in the US?

My advice for all the students out there who are planning for higher education in the US is that even though you belong to a different background or just confused about choosing the perfect country for your master’s programme, don’t stress out as this is the best decision you can make for your future. As for myself, I learned how to be independent, how to mingle with people, and also learned how to interact with lots of people with different cultures.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to work as a data analyst after I finish my master’s, and I also want to continue and achieve more heights for my passion for cooking.

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