Curious learners visually exploring the world in history class through VR goggles. Kimonos, sarees, and agbadas united during World Culture Evening. Flushed faces scaling Lion Rock to get their daily dose of serotonin. Year 10 pupils spread across expansive, green lawns practising “The Madness of George III” play. These are just some of the sights most would appreciate and others would envy when visiting The Leys School.

Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Situated in the heart of the historic university city of Cambridge, on a leafy 50-acre campus, The Leys is a leading co-educational boarding and day school with enough excitement to go around. Offering the best of both worlds makes this possible.

The Leys School

Source: The Leys School

The school is commonly referred to as a “big, small school” — mainly for being sizable enough to offer a huge breadth of opportunity yet small enough to ensure each child’s name is known and voice is heard.

Those who arrive to find their voice will be able to do so through the school’s CamEx (Cambridge Experience) initiative, which carefully curates a suite of enriching opportunities through enduring connections.

So far, it has accomplished a lot. Currently, university lecturers are invited to speak and post-doc mentors arrive to cater to A Level pupils; an award-winning boathouse is now shared with three university colleges; pupils play sports in university leagues; and the school’s Chapel Choir regularly joins forces with some of the city’s best college choirs for Evensong; amongst many more. Simply put, its goal is to leverage Cambridge’s lustre to make The Leys experience more special than it already is. The unbreakable smiles on the faces of pupils prove its success.

Classroom life is just as fulfilling. A Leys education is built firmly on three main foundations: Academic, Pastoral and Wider Curriculum — each is of equal importance and complements one another. The combination ensures learners are productively preparing for the rigours of university or the world of work while happily conditioning for lives well relished.

The Leys School

Source: The Leys School

Personalised attention guarantees this. The Leys educators are high qualified and ever willing to go the extra mile. Their efforts always pay off. An ISI Inspection Report from 2014 confirms this, reading: “Relationships between staff and pupils and among pupils themselves are outstanding; pupils feel able to contribute in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, and as a result are willing to try out new ideas. Throughout the school, the most able pupils achieve their potential through strategies designed to challenge them.”

A Leysian challenge includes pinpointing a specialisation. Pupils find their calling during their GCSE years before solidifying it in Sixth Form. Post-A Levels (97.4% achieved A* to C grades in 2021), most of them go on to advancing their newfound skills in university. Many even decide to major in a passion they realised through The Leys Wider Curriculum thanks to encouragement from tutors, housemasters/mistresses and the Director of the Wider Curriculum.

Their guidance give pupils the confidence needed to explore various activities throughout their academic careers. For example, quality music and drama productions are held every year and all ages are welcome to take the stage or add value behind the scenes. Everyone gets a feel of sportsmanship as members of the hockey, rugby, swimming, netball, squash, badminton or dance team. The earth’s natural wonders are explored through canoeing, climbing and orienteering.

The Leys School

Source: The Leys School

Aspiring leaders get accustomed to authority through the Combined Cadet Force and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. In the Rugg Centre (Art and Design), pupils master the arts of ceramics, life drawing, design technology and photography. STEM activities abound as well for those keener on preparing for 21st century jobs.

Each offering (there are over 100) was set in place to help pupils build self-confidence, determination and resilience — all of which contributes to their ability to comfortably handle life transitions.

Those who choose to board enjoy the full experience 24/7. The school thrives on community life and each House boasts a strong sense of identity and unity — however, there’s always room for some healthy inter-House competition. Supper at 6 p.m. is always the perfect time for pupils to recap their days before strategising how they will top tables in sports, the arts or debate.

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