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business degrees
Source: McMurry University, Johnson School of Business

Every industry needs professionals to take on the roles of accountants, marketers, managers, financial analysts and even CEOs –– in other words, every industry needs business majors. These individuals are known to have a broad understanding of organisations, small or big, and are often more than capable of pursuing opportunities on a global scale. With the right understanding, comes the right opportunities and playing a key role in a business or launching one has become the golden ticket to professional success.

If you take a step back and look at human history as a whole, it becomes clearer that business has been at the centre of our societies from the earliest days. An education in business focuses on the organising, planning and analysing of business activities –– all of which are required to efficiently manage and run a successful organisation. 

This is pertinent for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful business owners in the world today, from ex-PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Here are four US universities with the curricula to set you on the same path to success:

McMurry University

Located in Abilene, the heart of West Texas, just two hours from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is a university that exudes a small-town feel –– ensuring students are not only safe, but involved. Founded in 1923 as a United Methodist institution, McMurry University is a religious school that welcomes all faiths, beliefs and lifestyles with open arms. On its beautiful 52-acre campus, more than 1,100 students — from 45 majors in the arts, business, education, and the sciences; or pre-professional programmes in medicine, engineering or law, among many others — reach their personal and academic excellence with the support of a faculty dedicated to student skill development. Three-fourths of the faculty hold terminal degree in their academic discipline.

business degrees

Source: McMurry University, Johnson School of Business

The university is the proud home of the Walter F. and Virginia Johnson School of Business. It offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree and the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree. A Master of Accountancy degree programme was established in 2019.  All are facilitated in true McMurry fashion: with a personal touch.

On-campus classes are small, with all virtual and non-remote courses taking full advantage of videos to ensure constant engagement. This blended learning method employs technological advancements, exposing students to unique opportunities designed around the forward-thinking concept of hands-on, experiential learning. Inspired by these developments, a new core curriculum came to be.

In Fall 2021, students will only have to take five core classes, instead of the current 13. What used to take a total 39 core hours to complete, will only take 15 core hours. Subjects include Ethics and Entrepreneurship in the Modern World (EEMW); Contemporary Business I which covers statistics, computer information systems and finance; Contemporary Business II which covers management, marketing and business law; Economics; and Financial Accounting. Thereafter, each 33-hour major concludes with a strategic management capstone course.

This innovative revamp will free up 24 hours for students to pursue customized instruction, either through a second major or additional minors, electives, or one or more certificate programmes. It also allows students to specialise in job-specific areas — such as project management, data analytics, investments, accounting, financial management, and decision-making — further enhancing their McMurry qualifications. Learn how to carve your path to business leadership with McMurry University here.

Cal Poly Pomona

The Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration (CBA) is an AACSB-accredited institution that integrates a well-rounded business education with meaningful real-world experiences. Located in sunny Pomona, California, the college is recognised for its cutting edge, learning-by-doing programmes that develop career-focused, innovative problem solvers with effective communication skills. 

business degrees

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A wide array of options are available for every business interest. Undergraduate majors include accounting, computer information systems, e-business, finance, real estate, law, marketing, management, human resources, technology and operations. There are also several minors students can choose from to enhance the experience.

The college also boasts partnerships with industry leaders such as Boeing and NASA for the purposes of mining data or adapting to consumer goods respectively –– these connections are a plus for students. The CBA provides hands-on learning opportunities for students interested in gaining real world experience during their studies. Another method of experiential learning at the CBA is through multiple levels of service learning courses. Through these, students expand their skill sets while contributing to communities.

Michigan State University

At the Eli Broad College of Business, both undergraduate and graduate programmes consistently rank among the nation’s best. In 2019, 91% secured employment or continued their education within six months. These outcomes are fueled by stellar academics. 

business degrees

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At this AACSB-accredited institution, there are seven business majors and nine business minors for undergraduate students to select from –– each tailored to cater to  specific interests and career goals. All students must complete a core curriculum that sharpens their capabilities in writing, mathematics, basic disciplines and functional fields in business. 

Elective courses enhance this. Broad’s lineup of concentrations include accounting, finance, hospitality business, human resources, management, marketing and supply chain management. Regardless of their paths, all students will receive the opportunity to learn from industry leaders who double as faculty members, study abroad in over 260 programmes in more than 60 countries and partake in an extensive suite of student organisations that will ensure a fruitful career upon graduation.   

Washington College

At the Washington College Department of Business Management, a rigorous business foundation is grounded in liberal arts values. Its business programmes cover accounting, marketing, finance, organisational behaviour, information systems, strategy, global business, and more –– all of which are combined with ethical awareness, critical thinking, and skills that matter. Business students are also encouraged to pick up on knowledge that cross disciplines as often as they can.

business degrees

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Students enroled in the Business Management major learn to read, calculate and conduct as business professionals. They are also taught the fundamentals of motivating team members and analysing corporate strategy. Here, a global perspective is nurtured to ensure international success. Students are given the option to study abroad, thanks to the college’s  partnerships with business schools all over the world, such as in China, England and Argentina. 

Minors help students focus their passions. Students can choose accounting, finance, international business, marketing, data analytics and information systems. To conclude, the department guides its seniors in researching and writing an impressive capstone project to be presented to future employers. 

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