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The University of Adelaide
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“Our qualifications provide a great launching pad into an exciting career in the rapidly-changing field of electrical and electronic engineering.”

High demand, competitive salaries and continual advances in dynamic new technologies mean there has never been a better time to study electrical and electronic engineering. And what better place to start your career than at the University of Adelaide? Ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide, the University of Adelaide is a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight, home to world-class academics and state of the art engineering facilities. At the University of Adelaide, studying electrical and electronic engineering provides the foundation for a career at the cutting edge of technology and you will graduate with knowledge, curiosity, and innovative problem solving skills to embrace the extraordinary technological changes shaping our world. To top it off, you’ll enjoy the convenience of living and studying in the heart of the cosmopolitan, multicultural city of Adelaide.

Intrigued to know more? Here are five reasons to study electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Adelaide.

1. Internationally-recognised degrees

The University of Adelaide

Image courtesy of The University of Adelaide

Consistently ranked in the top one percent of universities internationally, the University of Adelaide is the only South Australian University to receive a top 100 ranking for Engineering and Technology in 2016. All University of Adelaide undergraduate and postgraduate coursework engineering degrees are benchmarked through the Washington Accord and accredited by peak professional engineering body, Engineers Australia*.  An accredited University of Adelaide electrical and electronic engineering qualification is your passport to lucrative and rewarding employment opportunities all over the world.

2. Exciting real world majors for undergraduate study

The University of Adelaide

Image courtesy of The University of Adelaide

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering qualifications provide a broad foundation to a career relevant to the changing needs of our world. Initially, the undergraduate qualification enables a deeper understanding of electronics, mathematics, physics and computer programming and you will then have the opportunity to specialise and choose a major at the start of your third year.

Majors are available in the following areas:

  • Autonomous Systems: Design systems that cross the traditional boundaries between electronic, mechanical and computer engineering to create autonomous machines driven by motors and guided by computers.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Create devices and systems for medical diagnosis, treatment and research. Study the foundations of human biology and take an advanced class in medical instruments and imaging.
  • Communications Systems: Explore technologies that underpin modern voice, multimedia and data communications, including the internet. Advanced subject choices can focus on telecommunication systems or radio communications.
  • Computer Engineering: Design and develop computers and new ways to use them to control devices, equipment and processes. Gain expertise in both software engineering and electronic hardware design.
  • Renewable Energy: Develop and sustain the current energy generation infrastructure, and design and integrate high performance and low cost renewable energy systems.

As well as choosing from these exciting majors, you’ll also have the opportunity to further your knowledge by choosing three broadening electives from the wide range on offer at the University of Adelaide. This means you can gain knowledge and expertise in areas of interest beyond engineering without needing to study another degree.

3. World-class research opportunities and strong industry partnerships

The University of Adelaide

Image courtesy of The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s most research-intensive institutions. Here, the best and brightest students from around the globe help solve real-world problems through fundamental and applied research.

Undergraduates, postgraduate coursework and researchers in electrical and electronic engineering are nurtured by academic supervisors who are internationally recognised leaders in their disciplines.

While researchers at the University of Adelaide can choose from a vast range of disciplines, including interdisciplinary research options, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering also offers the chance for researchers to explore areas where technological and societal changes are driving demand for innovative solutions, such as health technology, power and energy, and sensing and security.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences has established world-class research institutes and centres, and has strong partnerships with government and industry. These partnerships provide the opportunity for you to access practical experiences and real-life examples throughout your studies.

The University’s annual exhibition Ingenuity showcases all engineering disciplines with a vibrant and impressive display of student projects, research and program offerings. Ingenuity recognises tomorrow’s game-changers and innovators and exhibiting your projects and research as part of this exhibition offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry and employers in electrical and electronic engineering.

4. State-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities and student support 

The University of Adelaide

Image courtesy of The University of Adelaide

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering boasts world-class and purpose-built teaching, learning and research facilities, including the 6 Star Green Star Ingkarni Wardli building. Ingkarni Wardli comprises nine-levels, offering innovative and convenient student amenities including computer labs, study areas, a café, exhibition space and 24-hour, 7-day a week student access to support resources. Undergraduate, postgraduate and research students also benefit from the School’s state-of-the-art laboratories including a high voltage machines laboratory, terahertz/laser laboratory, an anechoic chamber and a 3D print lab complete with the Big Rep, the largest 3D printer of its kind in the Southern hemisphere. In addition to the University’s stunning facilities, Vaishali Ghosh, a recent electrical and electronic engineering graduate explains that the academic support she received from tutors made it easier to pursue her studies successfully. “The support from lecturers, tutors, societies and sports clubs has helped me develop and complement my knowledge, individually and personally to pursue my ambitions.”

With a comprehensive academic program, excellent facilities and support from world-class academics, you can make your mark in the rapidly changing world with electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Adelaide.

5. Live and study on a vibrant campus in beautiful Adelaide 

The University of Adelaide

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Ranked in the top five most liveable cities in the world and acknowledged as the safest, cleanest, greenest and most affordable Australian city in which to study, Adelaide is a vibrant city set amongst stunning surrounds. Famous for its delicious food, wine, art and a lively festival culture, Adelaide is surrounded by lush parklands, stunning beaches and picturesque wine country. To top it off there is the lovely Mediterranean climate making the city and its natural surrounds even easier to enjoy!

Set in the heart of the city, the University of Adelaide is located in the cultural precinct amongst the State’s art gallery, museum and library. The campus mixes the historic and contemporary, combining old sandstone buildings with state-of-the-art teaching, learning and research facilities.

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*The postgraduate Master of Engineering programs are provisionally accredited by Engineers Australia

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